June 2021 Graduation List

Allison, Donnie

Arrvizo, Leo

Bernal,  Bryant

Casas, Natalia

Castillo, Juan

Castro,  Jennifer

Catalan, Pedro

Cervantes, Ashley

Chavez, Jazmine

Cornejo, Ricardo

Correa, Edwin

Cosby, Dashanell

Cruz, Luis

Delarosa, Osvaldo

Edwards, Meranda

English, Trinity

Garcia,  Jose

Garcia,  Mia

Garza, Michelle

Gomez, Tristan

Gonzalez, Brian

Gonzalez, Elizabeth

Guzman, Annette

Guzman, Lesley

Hughes, Jalen

Jaramillo, Diamond

Jimenez, Ruben

Johnson, Kyla

Justice, Alisa

Lara, Jose

Lopez, Ignacio

Maldonado, Alejandra

Mandujano, Christina

Martinez, Edgar

Mondragon, Edwin

Nunez, Juan

Ocampo, Samantha

Ofray,  Alysha

Ortiz, Ignacio

Ortiz, Jose

Pena, Kazzandra

Perkins, Darnell

Perkins, Nikita

Rainer, Cierra

Reynolds, Marshawn

Robles, Osiel

Rodriguez, Christiana

Rodriguez, Favian

Rodriguez, Julian

Romero , Dayana

Romero , Jason

Roosevelt, Airanna

Ruan, Christina

Rutherford, Gianna

Sanchez, Jazmin

Santoyo, Joanna

Seaton, Rakeem

Siller, Omero

Sithammavong, Kiana

Smith, Tanita

Sy, Kevin

Tovar, Cesar

Valadez, Juan

Vargas, Edwin

Vizcarra, Erick

Vlaicevic, Ivo

Weaver , Julius

White, Aneda

Wilcek, Christopher

Wofford, Jonathan

Woods, Tajah

Zamora, Francisco

Zaragoza, Sophia

Zheng, Melany


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