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Critical Thinking. Personal Responsibility. Self-Sufficiency

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Our Vision

The vision of JAHS is a high quality school for all students, opening numerous doors for its students by significantly expanding their skill sets so they may access greater opportunities to build meaningful, independent lives.

Jane Addams High School is proudly accredited by NCA CASI, a division of AdvancED (now Cognia)
Our accreditation demonstrates our dedication to continuous improvement in all that we do.

The mission of JAHS is to increase each scholar’s critical thinking skills, promote personal responsibility and self-sufficiency. ​Our mission is more than words, for it constitutes the three foundations on which all of our efforts are focused.  

The critical thinking aspect:  In an effort to keep stride with ever-changing technological advances, lessons and activities are designed to guide scholars in the process of obtaining, comprehending, and analyzing information on an efficient scale. Students are provided with strategies and skills that are required in order to think critically and cope effectively with obstacles and challenges that they will face in everyday life. 

The personal responsibility aspect:
  Staff members focus on building positive relationships with students based on trust and respect. Staff members strive to treat students as unique individuals and listen to their voices in order to create inclusive, productive learning environments. Students are actively encouraged to accept responsibility for the choices that they make and the consequences that result both in and out of school.

The self-sufficiency aspect:  Each student’s individual strengths, challenges, and goals for the future are a focal point of the instruction and mentorship that is integrated into the curriculum on a daily basis. Each student is guided in the process of pursuing post-secondary education and employment. 

Our Mission

Our History

Jane Addams High School is a four-year high school serving grades 9-12 in the Pilsen neighborhood. It was established in 1987 as a GED program associated with the Jane Addams Resource Association, a community development non-profit organization which had recently spun off from Jane Addams Hull House.

In 2002, realizing that people with GED’s are, in fact, no better off than dropouts, JAHS established itself as an independent 501(c)3 non-profit high school corporation with its own board. Jane Addams High School is open to all Chicago students, and operates independently from the CPS Board (JAHS maintains its own School Board).  Acceptance is based on application and random lottery, if applicable.

Our small school is designed to provide students with a quality education, utilizing small classes and targeted instruction. Jane Addams High School is nationally recognized and accredited by NCE/AdvancED (now Cognia)