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Only 18 credits to graduate – How do we do it? We focus on students who are serious about their education and graduation. We eliminated “fluff” classes such as art, music, horticulture, etc. We focus on English, math, science and social studies; these are the things that will help get graduates into college, the military or the workforce. Our goal is to provide a high quality education while teaching students to be true critical thinkers, encourage self-sufficiency, and become personally responsible for themselves.  Here is a summary of the academic requirements for graduation – see Academic Advisor for complete and detailed information.

Minimum Credit RequiredCourseMinimum Credit Required
Math4Consumer Ed0.5
Social Studies2Civics

Future Student Information

Graduation Requirements

Dual Enrollment

Jane Addams High School students may have the opportunity to enroll in college level courses before graduation for FREE. This can reduce both the amount of time and money needed to complete your two-year and four-year degree. Students in Dual Enrollment frequently enroll in English, Mathematics, Foreign Languages, Science, and Literature. Most courses require that students be college-ready as demonstrated by the ACT, or the COMPASS placement test. Your Academic Advisor can provide you with additional information.

1/2 Day Fridays

Only 4 ½ days of school a week? Yes! Students are released early each Friday so that they have time to complete homework and out of school projects. However, students who are having difficulty in classes may be required to stay the afternoon to get extra assistance from teachers and tutors.

Perfect Attendance $$$

Students who have perfect attendance for the quarter will be rewarded with $50. Perfect attendance for the quarter means student has attended every day, on time, without an early dismissals for the quarter.  Every student has a new opportunity each quarter and there is no limit to how many times you can earn this reward.


Jane Addams High School provides free tutoring in all subject matters for current students who need extra assistance. Tutoring can be before, during or after school, depending on student needs. Students who are not performing up to par may be required to participate in mandatory after school tutoring.