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Directions for Submitting Paper Assignments

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Your teachers are available to help with your assignments online! You can now participate in a live video chat with your teacher, by using Google Meets.

Teachers have live Virtual Video Office Hours (VVOH) at least once a week. During their scheduled time, teachers will be online and available to video chat with you about grades, assignments, or any other questions you may have. All live sessions are being recorded.

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JAHS Class of 2020

Updated 5/30/2020  12:00pm

Adams, Mariona
Agudelo, Natalia
Banks, Davyeon
Bardeau, Destiny
Bellinger, Terrance
Bradford, Deandre
Briones, Daniel
Brown,  Ricardo
Brunt, Corinthain
Bustamante, Gisselle
Carillo, Fernando
Carlos, Alondra
Carlos, Arianna
Carter, Micaela
Cervantes, Ruby
Chamorro, Yanise
Contreras, Beatris
Duran, Alexis
Escoto, Teresa,
Espinoza, Sion
Estrada, Alexis
Fernandez, Pedro
Fitzell, Donovan
Flores, Julian
Galindo, Natalie
Gallegos, Lizeth
Gallegos, Nancy
Gallegos, Lizbeth
Gamino, Marbelia
Garcia, Gladys
Garcia,  Hilario
Gleeson, Michael
Gonzalez, Gabriela
Gonzalez, Juan
Gonzalez, Bianca
Gonzalez, Josue
Goodwin, Destiny
Gouveia, Eli
Graves, Vincent
Hails, Jamil
Heimonen, Verity
Hernandez, Jennifer
Herrera, Emmanuel
Jurich, Amaya
Larocco, Deana
Macedo, Eduardo
Martinez, Leonardo
McWilliams, Vershaun
Mercado, Natalia
Miles, Christian
Moore, Kayla
Orozco, Briany
Orozco, David
Perez, Charlie
Perez, Kiara
Rivera, Emily
Roberts, Arieana
Robinson, Kitara
Rodriguez, Maximus
Salazar, Alexis
Salgado, Angel
Salinas, Sandra
Valle, Joel
Victor, Leslie
Walker, David
Woods, Raya
Yang, Jiale
Zarate, Rodolfo

Our Message to Graduates & Students

30min Hip-Hop Fit Workout

Paper copies of completed assignments should be turned in using the methods outlined below. 

  1. Taking a picture of the completed assignment and mailing it to the appropriate teacher. 
  2. Taking a picture of the completed assignment and texting it to the JAHS school cell phone number, (312) 888-1516
  3. Mailing completed work to the school. 
  4. Inserting completed work into the mail slot located next to the front door of the school building. 

NOTE: Please make sure you put your name and your teacher’s name on each page of your work!

Anyone needing to talk can be connected within 24 hours to a mental health professional in their community by texting TALK (8255)or HABLAR (422527) to 55-2020. The service is free.

The National Suicide Prevention hotline is 1-800-273-8255.

Feel free to share this information with anyone that needs someone to talk to - family, friends, anyone.


QUESTION: Why should I continue doing my schoolwork at this time?
ANSWER: School is still in session, even if the building is closed! Completing your work is the only way to earn credit toward graduation.

QUESTION: How can I get help from my teachers?

ANSWER: You can contact your teachers any time by sending them an email, or by calling the JAHS hotline. Teachers also have scheduled Virtual Video Office Hours every week! To participate in VVOH, log on to Google Meets and enter your teacher’s virtual meeting room.