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English- Jo Pieczynski - Visit Site

English - Keith Buzzard - Visit Site
English- Bridget Driscoll – Visit Site

Math- Darron Fry - Visit Site
Math- Eric Totheroh -  Visit Site

Science- Jill McDonald – Visit Site
Science- Shannon O'Malley- Visit Site

Executive Director & Principal- Theresa Comparini 312-563-1746 x 108
Executive Director's Administrative Assistant- Rosa Ramirez-Hernandez 312-563-1746 x 108 (Hablamos Español)  (Assistant Covid Safety Officer)

Director of Instruction- Meghan Coli  312-563-1746 x 110  (Assistant Covid Safety Officer)

Director of Student Services- Samantha Grzeca 312-563-1746 x 102 (Assistant Covid Safety Officer)

For the foreseeable future, COVID19 is here to stay and protection against the virus will be the new normal.

Support Staff


Covid Safety Officer - Samantha Grzeca

Covid Safety Officer - Rosa Ramirez

Covid Safety Officer - Meghan Coli


Critical Thinking. Personal Responsibility. Self-Sufficiency

We accept ALL prior credits earned

Social Studies- Harold Richert - Visit Site

Social Studies- Adrian Jakusik - Visit Site

Special Education (Teacher) - Heather Campbell
Special Education (Teacher) - Janet Serena

Special Education (Case Manager) - Pam Mason

Instructional Staff

Covid Safety Team

JAHS Staff

Chief Covid Safety Officer - Norma Chilaca 312-563-1746 x106 (Hablamos Español)

Attendance- Darla Suggs 312-563-1746 x 101
Diana Reyes 312-563-1746 x 100   (Hablamos Español)
Academic Advisor-
Cristina Hernandez 312-563-1746 x 104 (Hablamos Español)

Student Services Coordinator - Jennifer Juarez 312-563-1746 x 107 (Hablamos Español)

Dean of Students - Norma Chilaca  312-563-1746 x106 (Hablamos Español)

Career Coach -  Yanet Padilla 312-563-1746 x 111 (Hablamos Español)